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Set Your 2018 Skin Care Goals

Set Your 2018 Skin Care Goals

It is almost 2018 and we know you are up and about, getting ready for the festive season and outlining your goals for next year. As you write your financial, physical, educational, career etc. goals, don’t miss out on writing your skin goals. Writing your skin goals are easy, but you have to be meticulous and deliberate about them.

5 Things to Note as You Set Your Skin Care Goals
  1. Identify your skin care concerns: What bothers you? What are you uncomfortable with? Identifying your skin problems is the first step to finding the solution your skin needs. Write these down.
  2. Write down clear, concise and realistic skin goals: Based on the concerns you have identified, write down the end goal, if that skin problem had a solution. Unrealistic, bourgeois goals can be defeating, so keep it simple, clear, concise and realistic. e.g. ” I want even skin”, “Get rid of varicose veins” etc.
  3. Research on skin care goal enablers: How can I make this goal a reality? Who would help me achieve it? Where can I find the best service? Are there discounts to help me get it cheaper? Well, you do not really need to rack your brain for this one. The answer is clear and simple: LASERDERM’s GOT YOU. So just book an appointment, get consultation and we will meet your skin care needs and check all the four boxes.
  4. Keep a skin care journal: Document your journey. It is vital, helpful and essential. It keeps you accountable and helps you figure out what skin care strategy is working. The skin care journal also helps you with you keep track of products and practices over the year. It will aid your understanding of your skin, its likes, dislikes and more insights.
  5. Write your skin goals down and take steps to achieve them: Don’t just think them and imagine them, write them down. Document your skin care goals and outline a plan to achieve them. Organize them into short-term and long-term goals and take steps to make each one a reality.

Let us help you make your skin care goals a reality, contact us.

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