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The Sculpta Plan is a healthy, effective weight management plan developed by UK based dieticians to safely achieve a lean, strong body. In the seemingly unending quest to “lose weight”, so many people have embarked upon low calorie diets which leave them looking gaunt and unwell. The Sculpta Plan is evidence-based thereby ensuring your body has all the essential nutrients required for a lean, strong body. It is not about how much you weigh but how fat you are.

Clinical research has proven that toxins will make you fat, sluggish and unhealthy. Sugar, Alcohol, Processed Foods and “Bad” Fat are common toxins in the modern day diet and unfortunately these toxins are hidden in so many things we consume daily. The Sculpta Plan is Clean, meaning it helps your body get rid of the toxins leaving you feeling energised, light and well rested. The Sculpta Plan is Lean, meaning you are nicely toned, defined and strong.

The Sculpta Plan is only available through UK trained medical professionals with years of experience who offer personal support through out the month. You learn that skipping meals is the worst thing you can do to your body in a bid to “lose weight” and we show you how to eat FIVE times a day!!


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