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Who Needs A Chemical Peel

Who needs a Chemical peel

If you battle with the following skin concerns, then a Chemical peel might just be right for you:

  • Photoaging (skin aging caused by sun exposure)
  • Acne
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
  • Dark knuckles
  • Melasma…etc

What’s the process

The process of having a Chemical peel usually takes about 5 – 20 minutes. The chemical solution is then applied to the face, or other areas to be treated. It is left in contact with the affected area for minutes to hours depending on the agent.

What to expect during & after a Chemical peel

It is possible to feel a burning or stinging sensation when the peel is been applied. With superficial peels, there is a minor redness and the skin may feel tight for a few hours afterward. Minor skin shedding occurs for a few days. Medium and deep peels have longer recovery times and can result in skin redness, swelling and peeling for seven to fourteen days.

Why did I not have any visible peeling after my peel?

The success of the peel should not be judged by the amount of peeling, but by the end results that the peel will produce. The amount of peeling may vary depending on individual skin condition at the time of the peel or the depth of the peel. Regardless of the degree of peeling, the skin is still sloughing off at an accelerated rate, resulting in the improvement of skin tone and texture and an improvement of fine lines and uneven pigmentation.

Now that you have been armed with the 411 of a glowing skin, would you consider getting a chemical peel to peel away all the skin imperfections?

If you have had a chemical peel, what was your experience like?

Kindly drop your comments and questions in the comment box below.

To your radiant skin,


Dr. Mobola Savage

Laserderm Clinics



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