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Fight-off Travel-Induced Skin Dullness And Dryness

Fight-off Travel-Induced Skin Dullness and Dryness

Travelling transforms your life and opens your eyes to possibilities, opportunities, dynamic friendships and so much more that cannot be encompassed into words. While this is such a beautiful thing, it takes a toll on you and your skin. Whether you are travelling within Nigeria or outside Nigeria, the long journeys take a toll on your skin, takes away comfortable sleep time sometimes and sucks hydration out of your skin.

It’s difficult to keep up with a regular skin care routine in between long travel-times, tiny bathrooms and so many uncomfortable situations. However, there is a way to be there for your skin and quench its thirst instantly: What’s the way?



Yup! We said it!

The sheet mask is an amazing way to hydrate your skin. Don’t be worried about looking weird or anything like that because your skin would look weird if you don’t care for it. So you have to choose, wear a sheet mask for a few minutes while travelling or spend the rest couple of days trying to figure out why your skin is ashy, flaky, unflattering and dull. The ball is in your court.

Sheet masks are so popular these days that they look so normal even in public. They are even more perfect for plane conditions as you can just relax and let it do its magic. They deliver moisturizing ingredients to skin while providing a physical barrier to lock it all in.

The best sheet masks don’t dry out your skin. Most sheet masks are made of materials that eventually dry out. Think of it like putting a moist paper towel on your face—it would eventually turn into a dry sheet of paper. This isn’t ideal for your skin at all. This is why we recommend  Image Skincare Sheet Masks.

IMAGE Skincare’s next-generation sheet masks are constructed from a unique, patented hydrogel technology derived from red algae and carob tree, which maximizes its hydrating power without creating a drying barrier. The material is also designed to increase the delivery of ingredients for the ultimate hydrating recovery. The breathable, 3-D design traps moisture, helping ingredients do their job more effectively.

Get yours and have an amazing travel experience with your skin on fleek!


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