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Dermaneedling is a medical procedure which involves the use of 12 sterile micro needles to perforate the outer skin layer. The purpose of this is to trigger the wound healing mechanism in ones body in order to naturally stimulate collagen and elastic production within the area. This creates a new thickened and plumped up layer of skin. This reduces the appearance of stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation resulting in a finer skin layer.

Benefits of Dermaneedling

  1. The little holes created from the procedure acts as micro channels for serums to fully penetrate into the deeper skin layers and produce more effective results.
  2. It enhances the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines leading to a more youthful appearance
  3. Improves acne scars and minimises pore sizes
  4. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks making the skin finer and more supple.

The Procedure

A numbing cream is applied to the area to reduce any discomfort. Then, the Dermapen is used to create holes on the patient’s skin giving the same sensation as being pricked with loads of tiny pins. The Dermapen needles varies in size which would be determined by your dermatologist, different needles produce different levels of sensitivity.
The procedure can last between 20-30 minutes after which you may experience minimal bleeding that should resolve almost immediately.

After the procedure

  • Redness and swelling will occur within the first couple of days following the procedure.
  • Within the first week, dryness and skin peeling might be experienced. It is all part of the healing process.
  • Results starts to appear after the first week with a general improvement in the skin’s texture
  • In three-six weeks time, there will be an improvement in pigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines leading to skin glow.

For best results, more than one treatment is required to fully benefit from the procedure and achieve an optimal skin rejuvenation. Your dermatologist would advise more on this based on your skin condition.


  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight and heat for the first 3 days after the treatment as the skin is most vulnerable during this period.
  • Use a sunscreen at all times. Sun protection is highly recommended and should be reapplied often.
  • Avoid picking at or scratching the skin especially when it is experiencing dryness.
  • Exercise basic skincare etiquettes such as washing your hands often, drinking plenty water, eating healthy, changing your pillowcase often.
  • Follow up with recommended products from your doctor. We highly recommend IMAGE products from the The Max and Iluma range as they help with prevention, nutrition as well as brightening and illuminating the skin.

Have you ever has a Dermaneedling/Microneedling procedure before? What was your experience like?

Kindly drop your comments and any questions in the comments box below or contact our clinic for more information or a consultation.

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