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Why Consultation Is Very Important

Why Consultation is Very Important

We often tell our clients to come in for consultation with our doctors and this article will tell you why it is mega important.

First, the definition. Consultation is a meeting with an expert, such as a medical doctor, in order to seek advice, gain expert insights on skin conditions and determine solutions best fit for you.

We are concerned with giving skin care solutions specially tailored for our clients and their skin. We think of them as “personalized solutions”.

So why exactly is Consultation important?
  1. You gain insights about your skin type and skin conditions.
  2. You give the dermatologist a background about the skin condition and this helps proper diagnosis and eventually proper prescription.
  3. Your skin is a part of your body, it is important to treat it like you will treat your body when you have malaria. Self-medication and e-medication are not advisable. We give proper diagnosis and prescription.
  4. It reduces chances of trial and errors and provides room for more targeted solutions.
  5. It makes it possible to track improvement over tile

So next time we say¬† “Come in for consultation”, smile and hurry over to Book an appointment because it is the first step to the end of your skin problems.

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