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Three Client Before And After Experiences That Blew Our Minds

Three Client Before and After Experiences that Blew Our Minds

As dermatologists, results keep us going. It gladdens our hearts when clients walk in with skin care concerns and walk out minutes, days or months after with a glow. Solving their skin problems bring us joy. Seeing the genuine happiness and gratitude, warms our hearts even more. These are 3 before and after experiences that blew our minds.

  1. Jennifer:
    This is exactly what happened to me when I was battling with acne/spots/hyperpigmentation. I really suffered in the hands of Nigerians, going out without makeup was tough for me because I was always getting negative comments of which some of these comments were from people I called my friends making me feel like what I had on my face was a disease ; thank God the battle is over now at least @maraji_ girl it’s like you made this video specifically because of me! Keep doing what you do, God bless your talent. Sooo tay a bus driver asked me ‘sister wetin do you for face, your boyfriend beat you ?¬† Not until I went to @laserderm_clinics for treatment my bad was terrible, but hey, I can go out freely without makeup , I feel comfortable in my skin , I’m so happy about that, never let anyone talk bad about you to your face , be proud of your skin tone/type/complexion , love yourself regardless.
    laserderm_clinics-jennifer before and after
  2. Muyiwa Adeyemo:If there is anybody or any company I’ll be grateful for, it’s @laserderm_clinics I used to have these tiny little annoying buggers at the back of my head. Mehn, those things were confidence crushers. You can’t sit in church or bus or anywhere without thinking people sitting behind were making faces at you. So one day I was scrolling through @officiallindaikeji page and I saw their advert. The rest is history. Atleast now, I’ll be able to prostrate well with confidence during my wedding engagement :grin::blush::grin:. God bless @laserderm_clinics try them out. You definitely will not regret it.
    laserderm_clinics-before and after
  3. Bunmi Olunloyo:Yes its really my face. No there was no foundation or filter in the last picture. In fact I was wearing baby powder… LASERDERM ROCKS!!!!!!! @laserderm_clinics Summary- I had blemishes, a previous dermatologist F****D me up. I felt like a monster, hid from the world, I wanted to swear for all dermatologists, my girl @daimiren118 FORCED me to go see the miracle workers. Voila! !!
    The first 2 pictures are 12 days apart and the 3rd was after 4 weeks
    laserderm_clinics-before and after
Your before and after story can be next!!!

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