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Stop Popping Your Zits: A 3 Step Guide

Stop Popping your Zits: A 3 Step Guide

A golden rule to dealing with acne is this – Stop Popping your zits!

We keep telling you not to touch your face or pop your zits but we never tell you how. It is not enough to say “Stop” without saying “How to stop”. So, this is our 3 step guide to help you cope with the bad habit.

A 3 Step Guide to Stop You From Popping Your Zits
  1. Realize and Accept that you are a popper: The thing about bad habits is, we deny them. Sometimes, it is because we are ashamed of them. Other times, it is because we know it is wrong but we cannot help but do it. So when you finally realize and accept that you are a popper, you have checked the first box. Until you identify a problem, you may never know the solution.
  2. Catch Yourself: So now that you are aware and have admitted that you are a popper, we can move on to step two. Whenever you feel yourself touching your zit, catch yourself, STOP YOURSELF. You are your own accountability partner and the best part about this is, it is folly to lie to yourself, so don’t bother trying. Catch yourself, stop yourself! To aide accountability, you can reserve a punishment for this e.g. If you pop your zit, no phone for an hour *wink wink*
  3. Substitute the habit with something else: Instead of popping your zit, make a new habit like washing your hands. It is easier to replace bad habits with new habits in a bid to stop them. Get your hands busy with something else.

Stop Popping your zits

Do let us know if these tips work for you.

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