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Cleansing – Dos & Don’ts

Cleansing – Dos & Don’ts

Cleansing is extremely essential/vital to skin care. It removes dirt, makeup and “pollution”. It is critical to maintaining healthy looking and feeling skin. These are a few Dos and Don’ts.

Dos of Cleansing
  1. Wash your hands before you touch your face
  2. Try to wash your face twice daily
  3. Use warm water
  4. Use mild facial cleanser
  5. Dry with soft towel
Don’ts of Cleansing
  1. Do not pull or scrub skin
  2. Do not use soap or alcohol based products
  3. Don’t overwash, especially dry skin.
  1. It removes build up (dirt, oil and unwanted debris).
  2. It keeps your skin hydrated.
  3. Proper pore size is maintained and anti-aging creams work better.

In summary:

Cleansing rules

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